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Hot Pavement = Burned Paws

Ever since I was a little girl creating buttons for my "Be Kind to Animals Club", I have loved animals and other creatures (like snakes!). As I've grown older that love has intensified, I've become a crazy cat lady, and I've learned more about how to create a kinder world for our fellow creatures. Animal welfare is my passion. Spay, neuter, adopt and love is my mantra. Cruelty - inadvertent or deliberate - makes my blood boil.

Something that has troubled me the past few years is seeing dogs being walked (or dragged by their running owner) on hot pavement in the heat of the day. I have to admit, it's something I didn't think about much not being a dog owner, until I started seeing information online about how hot asphalt and pavement is.

I've politely mentioned to folks that their dogs' paws may be burning and that they appear thirsty - some seem surprised and appreciative, others not so much. In this day and age of road rage and such, I decided I probably need to be less confrontational, and strive for being educational in a different way.

I asked my friend who is a designer I often work with to create a graphic for use on social media, as well as a PDF so it can be printed out. I'd love to see shop owners and greenways display or a similar message for folks to see. Perhaps posted on bulletin boards in office break rooms. And as a friend mentioned, this same message goes for the beach! Sand is incredibly hot.

Hopefully more awareness will make people think twice the next time they walk their dog. Feel free to share this image, and if you'd like a PDF to print out, just send me an email at

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