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Cause Marketing

Increase your business while giving back to your community.

"Give and Take" promotion to benefit the local food bank.

More and more, customers want to know that companies are involved in more than just making money. A direct donation, or encouraging your employees to participate in a fundraising 5K, are a couple of great ways to help organizations in your area.

Your company can also benefit local non-profits while increasing your business, and creating goodwill with the public.

This HVAC company had done some work at the local food bank, and wanted to find a way to help them increase donations. I worked with them to develop the idea of a direct mail campaign, and put together and managed the team for the creative work as well as coordinating card and bag printing, list acquisition and mail shop services. The mailing included a card that let the recipient know that if they filled the enclosed bag with food, the company would give them a discount on services, pick up the bag at the time of the service, and deliver to the food bank.

The response was immediate, resulting in new customers as well as more food for those in need in our community. A local news team even did a story about the promotion!

If your company is interested in cause marketing, contact me and let's find a way to get that started!

Please stay in touch for the latest (blonde) monkey business.


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