How are you able to provide so many products and services?   

  • Instead of selling for just one company, I work on the behalf of many (brokering). Most of these vendors provide a discount to me, enabling me to mark up the cost and still remain competitive.

  • I carefully select the best vendor(s) for every project, and save you the work of having multiple companies to work with. And I've already vetted them. It's all about making it easy for my clients, and keeping my vendor options open. I don't want to sell just one type of item.


Sorry, but I don’t work with brokers:

  • I’m not your typical broker. For over 25 years I was a print production manager in ad agencies, a notoriously picky group of folks. I was on the buying side, so I understand the challenges and I personally demand quality.  

  • Unlike some sales reps and brokers, I stay on top of the project from start to finish – I do not hand off to someone else for you to communicate with. Every order, big or small, is important to me and receives the same attention to detail. You receive the benefit of my many years as a production manager and buyer.


Do you sell everything?

  • Just about! All types of printing, large format graphics, promo items, custom luxury gifts, wine and gourmet gifts and more.

  • No more calling different vendors for different types of projects. Whether you need mugs, t-shirts, posters, brochures, holiday gift ideas or anything else, Blonde Monkey is your one stop shop!


What about freelance print production and project management?

  • I can work with any type of company in this capacity – if you need print production, help with scheduling and project tracking, managing multiple components of a large project, etc., I can work in your office or remotely.

  • My rate is $75/hour. I generally bill hours to date twice a month.


I need help with all aspects of my project including design. Can you coordinate that too?

  • Many of the brick and mortar ad agencies have closed, resulting in a wealth of freelance talent in our area. I  have contacts with designers and art directors of all levels, copywriters, and account executives. 

  • If you need a new logo design, a direct mail campaign, a series of brochures, a tradeshow booth, etc., I can put together a team based on your particular needs and manage everything from concepting to final deliverables.


What’s the deal with wine?

  • For several years, one of my clients included wine in their holiday gifting. I joined ONEHOPE as a “Cause Entrepreneur” in order to obtain great pricing on award-winning wines and provide turnkey gifting options. With access to awesome Napa Valley wine, ready-to-ship gift boxes as well as custom gift solutions, it made sense to add ONEHOPE to my bag of tricks.

  • A huge plus - every bottle sold makes an impact! We have multiple partner organizations that receive a portion of profits from each bottle sold. I love knowing that what I do gives back!

  • Additionally, there is a fundraising aspect to almost all purchases. If you company has a favorite cause, or you work with a non-profit, I can explain how your order can generate a 10% donation directly to your chosen cause.


The fine print?

  • New clients and some projects may be billed up front for the entire or partial amount of the estimate.

  • Check payment or bank transfer preferred; 4% will be added to your invoice should you wish to pay via credit card.

  • Billing terms for established clients - net 15.  

  • All quotes will note to allow for a 10% contingency – you will be alerted if it appears your project may be more than 10% over estimate and we can then discuss next steps for moving forward. But please always plan for that in your budget.